# Store messages

Access messages

Currently there is neither a UI or any API included with Airmail to access the messages in the store. You need to take care yourself.

After a message has been sent successfully, it can be additionally stored. Airmail uses MongoDB (opens new window) as storage backend.

To enable message storage set the environment variable AM_USE_STORAGE to true and configure the connection to the MongoDB database.

Environment variable Default value Description
AM_USE_STORAGE false Store your messages after sending it
AM_STORAGE_TYPE mongodb Only mongodb is currently supported
AM_MONGODB_HOST localhost MongoDB host
AM_MONGODB_PORT 27017 MongoDB port
AM_MONGODB_DB airmail MongoDB database
AM_MONGODB_COLLECTION messages MongoDB collection
AM_MONGODB_USERNAME none Username for MongoDB authentication
AM_MONGODB_PASSWORD none Password for MongoDB authentication

The messages is going to be stored only, if the sending was successful. If an error occured, f. ex. the captcha could not be succesfully verified, neither the sending nor the storage is going to happen.